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Like your students, our audiences are hungry for knowledge. Astonishingly, 35 percent of them – more than 420,000 in the Portland DMA – plan to attend a college, university, graduate school, continuing education program within the next 12 months or have had vocational training in the last year.¹

That’s why year after year, we make reporting on local education among our highest priorities. Readers rely on us for topical coverage of all things related to higher education, and that’s one reason why advertising in the pages of The Oregonian and OregonLive can be more effective for you than any other media platform.

Tracking readership of education content, along with visitors’ other education and business related browsing activity, enables us to create customized, highly-qualified lead sets for our education advertisers. No matter what program or degree you’re marketing, we’re able to reach and influence the precise audience of prospects that will comprise your next cohort.

Source: 1.Scarborough 2020 R1; Base: Portland DMA (28 counties); Target: A18+ and The Oregonian INA + OregonLive in the last 30 days.
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Oregonian Education Marketing Guide

Education Guide provides a glimpse into the future

Our Education Guide, published twice a year, introduces our audiences to the newest and most innovative college degree programs that are helping prepare the students of today for the emerging career fields of tomorrow.

The public relies on The Oregonian and OregonLive to cover news in local education, but Oregon’s oldest news publishing organization is also an influential resource for helping to guide local students’ college choices. For years, we’ve themed our Education Guides around showcasing how local colleges and universities are preparing current students for the growing career fields. With our local colleges continually developing innovative new degree programs, the opportunities are almost limitless for rich content.

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